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Black Friday just got even better…
soak in our unmissable offers

It’s time to level up. Upgrade to a 5th Generation HydroTap this November and

save up £2,712* – yes, you read that right.

Celsius Arc

Next generation technology has landed – and there’s never been a better time to upgrade

That’s why our unmissable Black Friday offers are running throughout November exclusively for existing Zip Water customers, meaning you can get a drink, have a think, and let the savings sink in…

The Zip Black Friday bundle – save up to £2,712*' when you purchase a new 5th Generation HydroTap by the 30th November 2023. Start your G5 story this Black Friday.

Our unmissable offer




New G5 HydroTap

35% off RRP

Save up to £1,706.25

Accessories (font and limescale

filter not required


Save up to £741.12



Save up to £265.20

Removal and recycling of your

old HydroTap



HydroCare service plan

Offer available on request


Total savings

Save up to £2,712*

*Total saving £2,712.57 based on full RRP price.

HydroTap 5th Generation All-in-One Celsius Arc Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling in Brushed Gold saving £1,706.25 (based on the RRP of H57783Z07UK). Replacement Installation saving £265.20 (based on the RRP of HTRPINS). Accessories: Limescale Prevention Filter Cartridge and Installation Kit saving £277.90 (based on the RRP of FL170 KIT) and Standalone font kit for HydroTap Arc and Cube in Brushed Gold saving £463.21 (based on the RRP of 93441Z7UK)

Offer available on a HydroTap for Home only across November 2023. Zip Water must receive a signed copy of the quote back during November to be eligible for the offer.

Please refer to full promotion terms and conditions below

 Any colour you want, as long as it’s black.

Classic, timeless, and it goes with pretty much everything.
Oh, did we mention that we’ll add an additional 5% discount on any matt black Zip product purchased this November.

What’s not to love? Embrace your dark side.

Five reasons to upgrade today

It’s simple. The G5 HydroTap is so much more than a redesign – it’s our best drinking water system yet.


1. Our best tasting water ever

Our latest G5 technology delivers the best filtration on the market, filtering out microplastics, dirt, and lead, as well as 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts – all things commonly found in tap water.

2. Save money by saving energy

New G5 HydroTaps are 53% cheaper to run than older G3 models thanks to a number of new innovations, including a feature that automatically powers down the command centre at night.


3. Smart… but oh-so simple

Our easy-to-use 5th generation command centre is our most advanced yet but remains simple to navigate and use thanks to filter and CO2 life indicators (for sparkling models).

4. New designs, styles, and finishes

Boiling, chilled, and sparkling, with an integrated hot and cold mixer tap. Beautiful finishes and modern styles. With the G5 HydroTap, you can have it all.


5. The responsible choice

When installing your new HydroTap, we will take your old one away (if required) and recycle it back at Zip HQ. It’s just one of the things we do to be more environmentally friendly.


Offer or Promotion: Upgrade an existing HydroTap for Home (G3 or G4) to a G5 HydroTap to save up to £2,712 running 1st November – 30th November 2023. Purchase a G5 residential HydroTap to upgrade from an existing G3 or G4 residential HydroTap Eligibility: To be eligible for the promotion, you must have received a quotation for a minimum of 1 G5 HydroTap for Home from a Zip representative, and this must have been ordered before 30th November 2023.

Maximum Reward Available: Saving of up to £2,712 – this is dependent on the type of G5 HydroTap purchased and if any accessories are also purchased. The discount is up to a 35% discount on the RRP of the G5 HydroTap for home plus associated accessories such as a font and limescale filter if required, free installation, and free removal and recycling of an existing G3 or G4 HydroTap. No further discounts or offers can be used in conjunction with this promotion. In the instance of a Matt Black finish being chosen, all of the above applies as well as an additional 5% discount on the RRP of the G5 HydroTap for Home.

Maximum Claims per Customer account: 1, but multiple products allowed.
Exclusions: The promotion is not open to wholesalers, resellers, retailers, participating stockists, employees of Zip or anyone connected with the promotion. This promotion is also not available to residents outside of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
For full promotional Terms and Conditions, please see here or go to

Send us a message using this form to register your interest.

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