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Service and maintenance

If you want water at its best, you’ll want to keep it at its best

When you buy a HydroTap, you know it’s a quality investment that will last. But just like any crucial kitchen appliance, it's important to have peace of mind that when the time comes to change the filter or service your tap, you're back up and running in no time.


That's why we provide a number of flexible and cost-effective HydroTap service plans, providing you with

great-tasting drinking water for whenever you need it. 

So what are your options?


HydroCare Premium

A complete peace of mind service plan for your HydroTap which includes an annual filter change and sanitisation from one of our dedicated HydroCare team, plus unlimited callouts (including parts and labour).  


Limescale management is included where required.


HydroCare Refresh

A simple DIY subscription which includes a filter and the products you need to complete a basic service, sent out to you annually. 

Limescale filtration can be added as an extra.

HydroCare Premium service plan is available by monthly direct debit, and is only available for HydroTaps less than 7 years old (from date of purchase or installation). HydroCare Refresh must be paid in full annually.

After June 2024 we have limited ability to continue to supply all the spare parts for our G3 HydroTap models. We will continue to support your product for as long as we can. In any instances where we cannot, we will offer you an exclusive trade deal for one of our latest, more efficient models.


Features and benefits

Fast and reliable.png

Fast and reliable

With over 75 years' experience, the team
comprises of over 100 fully trained, directly employed service engineers and technicians
based across the UK and Ireland.

Peace of mind.png

Peace of mind

HydroCare saves you money with every
service while ensuring your product maintains
its performance with flexible, pre-scheduled
services and filter changes.

Pure tasting water .png

Pure tasting water

Regular filter changes, sanitisation and
planned services will ensure your Zip product continues to deliver pure-tasting water. 

“It’s definitely worth having a service contract. I can’t think of many (if any) other companies who would have sent an engineer a day or two after I called, who had all the parts with him that he needed to fix my HydroTap and sorted it all on the spot.”

A. Kenton, Residential HydroCare Customer, London UK

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Fixed price servicing

If you choose not to have a HydroCare package, we do offer fixed price servicing for HydroTap customers

From installation to filter changes, our knowledgeable team are on hand to make your life easier. Get in touch to find out more.

Servicing enquiries 

Get in touch via the form below and our dedicated team will send you further information on our unrivalled service plans.

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