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Client projects

Explore beautiful homes

Want to learn more about how the HydroTap has impcated the lives of our customers?
Discover some of their stories and interior design projects below.


The HydroTap All-in-One Arc in brushed gold takes centre stage in this beautiful scandi-inspired kitchen renovation. 

zip brushed gold22692.png

This striking London family home met its perfect match with the 5-in-1 HydroTap All-in-One Arc.

zip brushed gold22823.png

The brushed gold Zip HydroTap Arc creates a warm, comforting family space in this beautiful Essex home.

zip brushed gold22823.png

Interior designers were looking for a stylish product to de-clutter their surfaces.

zip brushed gold22741.png

Interior designer Rebecca Wakefield wanted appliances to meet the demands of busy family life.

zip brushed gold22741.png

The Potter family puts an end to buying unsustainable plastic bottled water thanks to the HydroTap Celsius Arc.

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Luxury housing developers AMA specify Zip HydroTap  for its high-end kitchens.

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