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Our story

We are drinking water pioneers

We have been delivering water at its best for more than 75 years. Our heritage sits at the centre of everything we do, underpinning our expertise, experience, creativity and, ultimately, a deep understanding of smart hydration technology.

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Our roots

Founded in Australia in 1947, we initially specialised in water heaters for sinks and baths before expanding into drinking water.


In 1975 we launched the world’s first on-wall boiler and over the following decades saw fast and unrivalled product innovation.

The original innovator

We launched in the UK in 1991 and in 2012 brought another world-first to the market. A never-seen before boiling, chilled and sparkling instant drinking water tap.

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The brand today

Today in the UK, we have remained steadfast as a leading innovator and the luxury brand for homes where quality and design are a must.

Our flagship product, the Zip HydroTap, is considered the world’s most advanced drinking water system for the workplace. It can be found in countless office buildings throughout the world and we are proud to say that it also delivers water at its best for the home.

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