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Zip Water Technology

We don't just redesign, we revolutionise.

With a deep rooted desire to spearhead the future of drinking water, our curiosity and creativity sparks constant innovation. Our HydroTap range is now in it's fifth generation and features its most advanced functionality to date.


The purest tasting water

When it comes to filtration, the difference is clear.


Our advanced MicroPurity™ filtration system removes all the unwanted nasties from ordinary tap water, including dirt, lead, microplastics, 99.9% of microbiological cysts and 97% of chlorine. This results in fresh, clear and pure tasting drinking water. It's truly life changing, 80% of HydroTap owners say they drink more water thanks to its taste.

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Not power-thirsty

Our energy goes into making our taps as efficient as possible.


Our HydroTap range is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Our innovative heating technology ensures the product continuously maintains its temperature and an intelligent sleep mode keeps running costs down and environmental credentials up.


Water flow with minimal splutter

We stay calm under pressure. The design of our taps mean they stay calm under pressure.


Just a steady flow of boiling water every time. And, our sparkling water delivery has been optimised to maximise bubbles with minimal spitting.


Safe for the whole family

The perfect companion for the hustle and bustle of family life.


Pour hot water with a cool touch tap. Keep children safe with a boiling safety lock. And a design that avoids any hot splutter from the spout. We've thought of everything to keep the whole family safe when using the HydroTap.


Giving you space to drink

Not just for the kitchen sink. Install the Zip HydroTap in any room in your home.


In the home bar, bedroom, gym or cinema room, think of hydration beyond the kitchen. Our HydroTaps can be installed over a sink or a font to create a drink station wherever works best.

The perfect temperature

A tailored temperature for your perfect brew.

Our unique power pulse technology means the HydroTap pours the perfect chilled or boiling water every time. Adjustable from the command centre, you can optimise the temperature to match your personal taste.


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