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Malmo & Moss

Rebecca Lawson's HydroTap All-in-One Arc in brushed gold

Simple elegance was required for the new scandi-inspired kitchen in the beautifully renovated family home of Rebecca Lawson - lifestyle and interiors blogger Malmo & Moss - on the outskirts of London. Having worked with Detail Architects to reconfigure the previous rabbit warren of rooms into a spacious light filled, open plan space, Rebecca’s vision was to create a kitchen that worked much better for the busy family of five.

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Malmo & Moss


The brief

After opening up the previously dark, cramped downstairs rooms to create a large open plan kitchen, Rebecca’s attention turned to the interior styling of the space. Inspired by Californian lifestyle brand Jennifer Kayne, she wanted to create a muted, yet warm, minimalist feel. Alongside this, designing a practical space for the family was a priority and one must-have for the new kitchen was an instant boiling tap. “I am a huge tea drinker”, says Rebecca, “and all of our previous kettles had struggled to keep up with the hard water, rendering them full of limescale. So for me, an instant cup of tea from a filtered boiling water tap was very appealing, alongside not having a kettle cluttering up the countertop”.

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The solution

Rebecca chose the Zip HydroTap All-in-One Arc in brushed gold to provide her family with instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, as well as the convenience of unfiltered hot and cold for washing up. “I had visited a friend with a HydroTap and marvelled at how easy it was to use, as well as having great aesthetics. I particularly loved the gold finish, it really made it stand out.” With clever features that make it safe for the whole family to use, including Rebecca’s three sons, they are all able to benefit from pure-tasting cold and sparkling filtered water - a real family favourite - as well as instant hot water for tea and coffee.  “The 5-in-1 water types is a great feature. It really enhances family life while staying in keeping with the desired look and feel of the space”.

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zip brushed gold22941.png

"I would absolutely recommend the Zip HydroTap, it scores top marks on both looks and function. The whole family loves the super cold water and cooking is so much easier now we no longer have to wait for water to boil in a kettle!"

Rebecca Lawson  |  Lifestyle & interiors blogger

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