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5 reasons to drink filtered water

It's something we hear often: drink more water. And for good reason – drinking enough water is essential for our physical, and mental health. The NHS recommends drinking 1.9 litres, or 6-8 glasses, of water everyday. This can be hard to manage – in fact it's likely that right now, as you are reading this, you might be dehydrated. And drinking tap water will keep you hydrated and healthier, of course, but it’s so much easier to drink more water when you love the taste.

A glass of still water with lime slice next to a chrome HydroTap

The benefits of drinking filtered water

If you enjoy the taste of your water, if it's the ideal temperature, and if it's easy to access: you're more likely to stay healthier and hydrated. That's where having properly filtered water on tap can make life easier, improve wellbeing, and save time.

We know that drinking water is important. In a survey last year, we found that 83% of people said that drinking more water was a goal they had set for themselves to become healthier. And here at Zip, we know how important staying hydrated is. We do this by offering the highest-specification of filtration, with HydroTap. But what are the benefits of drinking filtered water and why should we drink filtered water? Here are our thoughts.

1. Filtered water tastes great

When it comes to filtration, the difference is clear. And filtered water has a better taste than tap water. Last year, we gave people a taste of our Zip filtered water, and asked if they had access to this water everyday, would they drink more? 89% of people said yes.

With HydroTap, not only can you enjoy the convenience of filtered water straight from the tap, but you’ll know it tastes better than regular tap water. 

Water pouring from a Zip HydroTap in a home gym

2. It helps to reduce single-use plastic

Bottled water is a popular choice, even at home, but this produces large amounts of plastic waste, which is damaging to the planet. The reasons to choose bottled water vary, but often it's a matter of taste. Filtered tap water provides the best of both worlds: delicious tasting water, and less waste.

But did you know that you could also have sparkling water, instantly? HydroTap all-in-one options provide filtered chilled, boiling and sparkling water instantly, without the need for any bottled water.

3. Filtered water removes contaminants

Although tap water in the UK is safe to drink, there are still impurities and contaminants found in our water. A filtered water tap can remove these potentially harmful contaminants, such as chlorine, bacteria, and other sediment. Needless to say, removing these from your drinking water can be beneficial to your health.

HydroTap for home removes unwanted nasties from ordinary tap water, including dirt, lead, bacteria, microplastics, but also 99.9% of microbiological cysts and 97% of chlorine.

4. It's better for your plumbing

If you live in a hard water area, you will know the problems that come with hard water in your home. From limescale in your kettle to blocked pipes, hard water affects your life beyond hydration. Looking to install a water filter system, for example HydroTap with our limescale management, means the chilled, boiling, and sparkling water you use for drinking and cooking will be filtered, and therefore not contribute as much to the deterioration of your plumbing.

5. Helps you stay hydrated more easily

It's important to invest in yourself. Great tasting water can help you to drink more, as we've mentioned, but so can having drinking water within arms reach. With HydroTap, you don't even have to have a sink!

Install on a font wherever you desire: in your bedroom, home office, gym, or cinema room. This saves time and makes it even easier for you to hit your health and hydration goals.

Are filtered water taps worth the investment?

We think so! There are many ways to experience filtered water. From filtered jugs to filtered taps, there are a range of options to avoid plastic bottled water and enjoy water free from bacteria, chlorine, and other contaminants. For us, however, the convenience of having instant filtered water at the touch of a button, or a turn of a handle, especially when it comes at your preferred temperature, means a filtered tap wins every time.

A Zip HydroTap, with glass of sparkling water in a beautiful kitchen

How can you keep filtered water at its best?

Drinking filtered water has many benefits, but maintaining the filters in your house is very important, too. If you choose to install a filtered tap, it's important to keep up the management of filters. There are a few easy ways to do this.

  • Replace your filters as often as required. HydroTap filters should be replaced annually, but it is worth checking when you are due a replacement. HydroTap has a 'change filter' light, which will illuminate when the time to replace your filter has come.

  • Consider limescale management if you live in a hard water area. Hard water can have a negative impact on the life of a filter. Simply put, filters in hard water areas have to work much harder to remove impurities, and therefore can require closer management.

  • Make sure to replace your filter with genuine, manufacturer parts. Unfortunately, many cheaper alternatives to our genuine water filters have a much lower level of filtration, and won't last as long. HydroTap offers 0.2 micron filtration with our genuine Zip Water filters, in other words, 25 times better than a standard water filter jug. Perfect, pure-tasting water, every time.

If this seems daunting, don't panic. At Zip, we offer HydroCare packages, and we can look after your water filter replacement for you, as well as any servicing, meaning you won't need to worry about buying the right parts, or the job of replacing the filters. It's just one example of our helpful and time-saving service so that you can enjoy water at its best, all of the time.

For more information on HydroTap, or any of our services, get in touch today.


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