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Filtered drinking water

You have great taste

When it comes to filtration, the difference is clear. Water tastes the best when it is filtered, and we make ordinary tap water taste so much better. This is thanks to the MicroPurity filters in our HydroTaps, which combine both carbon and sediment blocks into one cartridge, keeping out dirt, lead, bacteria, and microplastics. 


Essentially, it’s the best of the best. And because of this, 80% of HydroTap owners say they drink more water thanks to its taste. 

Discover what makes HydroTap the ultimate luxury home appliance here.

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But how does it work?

Although tap water is safe to drink, it still contains contamination, including microplastics, lead, chlorine, and dirt. You wouldn’t settle for less than perfection with anything else, so why drink anything other than perfectly filtered water?


The water that comes out of your HydroTap is filtered through our market leading MicroPurity filtration.


This not only removes contaminants from water, but also up to 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts if present. 

Our HydroTaps come with 0.2-micron filtration,
25 times better than a standard filter water jug.
This stops bacteria and other impurities in their tracks, leaving you with the best of the best.


What does that mean for me? 

The result is simple. purer, cleaner, more refreshing water. On tap. Wherever, and whenever you need it.

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We are here to help you find the perfect HydroTap for your home. Register today and our dedicated team will get in touch to book an in-person or virtual consultation when best suits you.

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