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Introducing the new HydroTap
Celsius Plus All-in-One Pull-Out

Here at Zip we never stop looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier. Which is why we’re thrilled to bring you a new product which is sure to become every kitchen’s hero.

The Celsius Plus All-in-One Pull-Out is everything you need to make drink-making, food preparation and washing-up a breeze. Read on to find out why this latest HydroTap really is our best yet.

Sounds amazing! Tell me more?

Our latest HydroTap not only provides filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, as well as unfiltered hot and cold, but – as the name suggests – also benefits from an incorporated pull-out sprayer for convenience.

What does the pull-out sprayer do?

The pull-out sprayer is invaluable for a multitude of kitchen chores. Whether it's preparing food, rinsing dishes or washing down and cleaning the sink (easily accessing all of the corners), the hose is convenient and flexible.

Does it come with a range of water options?

You can choose from either filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water plus hot and cold, or filtered boiling and chilled water plus hot and cold.

For those who love water with extra fizz, we’ve made sure this particular HydroTap delivers our best sparkling water yet. This is all down to an aerator, concealed in the tap’s spout, which ensures the optimum delivery of sparkling water.

Is it easy to use?

Very. The pull-out hose is accessed using a small and discreet button on the tap’s spout. It allows the hose to smoothly extend for quick and easy use.

For instant refreshment or a speedy cuppa, the tap’s touchpad provides easy access to filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water. We’ve even ensured there is an option for continuous-flow to easily fill bottles.

Doesn’t the hose get tangled?

The pull-out sprayer has been designed to operate easily and consistently, with the tap hose retracting without snagging.

The compact hose management system is installed under-sink alongside the HydroTap command centre. This command centre allows you to easily customise and change the settings on your HydroTap depending on your preferences.

What other features does it have?

To make sure your kitchen is as hygienic as possible, we’ve included antimicrobial protection embedded into the surface of the touchpad to help prevent the spread of bacteria. After all, it's likely that this stunning, do-it-all tap will have a lot of different people wanting to use it!

The touchpad also features a boiling safety lock, meaning you can ensure that smaller members of the family can’t accidentally access boiling water.

How can I make sure it complements my kitchen?

This sleek, swan-necked tap is available in a choice of seven different finishes, from classic chrome to brushed gold and even gunmetal. This means whatever your interior style, there will always be a HydroTap to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design.


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