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Stylishly smart – how our HydroTap ticks all of the design boxes – inside and out

The design of our HydroTaps is meticulous, both in terms of aesthetic style and the innovative technology they use to deliver such pure-tasting water.

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Looks good, does good

Making the upgrade to a tap that does it all doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. From the classic swan-necked Arc Plus to the modern Cube Plus, we’ve created two shapes that mean no matter what your interior design preference, the HydroTap will complement it. 

The Arc Plus is at home in any kitchen, from shaker-style to sleek, contemporary styles. The Cube Plus is for homeowners who want to make more of a design statement with their tap. It fits in perfectly with high-gloss cabinets, open spaces and clean lines.

No matter which design you choose, our elegant taps have been crafted using the finest quality materials, elevating your kitchen interior to one that has luxury at its heart. 

The perfect finish

We understand that having choices is incredibly important, as we all have our own preferences. With this in mind, we don’t just offer a choice of shapes, but we have seven stunning finishes to choose from too.

Whether you prefer understated class with traditional bright chrome, or want to stand out with the likes of matt black, rose gold or gunmetal, we have a finish that will perfectly complement your kitchen style.

And, with the popularity for brass or gold hardware showing no sign of waning, our stunning brushed gold HydroTap is the ideal accompaniment.

Peachy keen

With the Pantone colour of the year for 2024 announced as Peach Fuzz, how can we complement or enhance this set-to-be-popular hue within a kitchen?

Peach Fuzz is a soft, warm, comforting shade, and can be used as a gentle and inviting wall colour as well as an accent colour for accessories. It’s noted that warm and delicate metallics such as rose gold complement this shade, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. 

So if you’re looking to bring Peach Fuzz into your kitchen this year, why not consider a beautiful rose gold HydroTap to perfect the look?

Not just a pretty face

So what is it about the HydroTap’s functionality that makes it stand out? We’ve developed our HydroTap to be so much more than just a beautiful kitchen accessory. With a choice of water options – including an incredible five water types available from the All in One Arc – the HydroTap keeps every household hydrated and happy.

We can’t fail to mention our market-leading filtration, 25 times more effective than a water filter jug which not only removes impurities but ensures your water is delicious tasting. 

Of course, safety is a priority in any family kitchen, so features such as a boiling safety lock, cool-touch tap and zero splutter mean the tap can be used safely at all times.


You want a HydroTap for convenience, so it’s vital that hot water is available on demand. Our unique PowerPulse technology ensures that your water is always ready – whether you’re up with the lark and want an instant cuppa, or need to warm baby’s bottle in the early hours.

And, with our energy saving features such as sleep mode, you can be sure that your tap doesn’t waste energy.

If this is the year you make the change to instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, make sure design is at the top of your list – both in terms of style and substance.

View our range here.


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