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Time-saving kitchen design ideas and how Zip Water can help

When thinking about kitchen design, there are many aspects to consider: interior design, functionality, the kinds of appliances you want to include – and that’s just naming a few.

And, if you want projects to run smoothly, it's crucial to stay abreast of the latest regulatory changes for residential buildings and developments. Sound tricky? Well, we’re here to help.

Thoughtful kitchen design – how to get it right

We've talked before about the importance of the working triangle in kitchen design – which is made up of the oven, refrigerator, and sink. 

In many ways, the sink is the hub of a kitchen. From pouring drinking water to washing up, it provides and facilitates a range of essential functions; it must serve users properly, and therefore getting it right during the planning phase is essential to avoid future headaches.

Thoughtful kitchen design, then, goes beyond just selecting complementary colours for cabinetry and hardware. As experts in drinking water and hydration, we're perfectly placed to provide advice on truly thoughtful and considered kitchen design, with a special focus on water supply to the kitchen.

A white, modern kitchen with navy blue and gold accents, and a kitchen island.

Make sure your fittings and hardware comply with building regulations

In kitchen design, and even more so, in luxury kitchen design, the key is in the details. From the kinds of tiles selected to appliance brands you trust, everything must be considered to ensure a successful build.

More than that, when it comes to the kitchen, it’s vital you know the relevant regulations, and how to get approval from the relevant agencies because kitchens, like lavatories, are essential rooms in the home – if they don’t function properly, we can’t live properly.

It's always best to consider water supply regulations early

Considering regulatory guidance at the beginning of a project is essential – and at Zip, we understand just how important it is to pay attention to the changes in UK legislation, both to save your time and to ultimately provide a better service to your buyers.

But keeping track of compliance across the various regulations required can be difficult. Indeed, there are countless regulations to consider on a new-build project.

From sustainability and environmental targets to the latest accessibility guidance, it can be hard to even know where to start. But we're on hand to help.

For instance, we previously mapped out the most recent changes in water supply regulations, including WRAS, and what the latest advice is for appliances.

A minimalist white and grey kitchen featuring a silver Zip HydroTap and natural daylight.

Carefully choose suppliers and installation options to avoid future issues

When planning a new kitchen, your designer will be busy creating a design that makes the most of the space to provide the best experience for the end-user.

Therefore, it's important to know that the appliances included are just as well-considered. There are many installation options available, so it’s worth spending time choosing what is best for the build early on because it’ll save you time in the long run.

We recommend working with trusted suppliers who are on hand for any troubleshooting and know the regulation book like the back of their hand.

How important are water regulations? Very!

When it comes to water supply regulations, you can rely on us to provide an easy-to-follow breakdown; we know how important WRAS approval is for house builders and buyers alike.

But what is WRAS, and why is it important?

Understanding WRAS approval regulations

WRAS refers to the Water Regulations Approval Scheme, an independent certification body for plumbing systems and products.

WRAS certifies products and materials after conducting a series of tests in an independent laboratory, ensuring they meet water fittings regulations.

What does it mean to be WRAS approved?

If a product has WRAS approval, it means it's manufactured to a high standard and there's a much lower likelihood of any contamination or leaks. For users, WRAS approval is an important stage in their buying journey.

Why should developers consider WRAS approved fittings?

Depending on the water provider, a water supply may not be signed off if a boiling water tap does not have WRAS approval.

In a world where more and more customers are looking for smart technology in their kitchen design, this can cause delays, requiring a tap to be retrofitted into a space before being approved, holding up the progress of a project.

A gold Zip HydroTap in a contemporary white kitchen with marble worktop and wooden shelf.

How Zip can help on your next residential project

At Zip, we have credentials you can trust. For example, we recently worked with high-end German kitchen manufacturer, Leicht Contracts.

Experts in modern luxury kitchen designs, it was vital the taps specified for their project not only looked beautiful, but were also WRAS approved.

They chose HydroTap Celsius Arc from our HydroTap range for their kitchen tap installation, and were able to meet WRAS requirements, avoiding any potential issues with water supply being granted for the properties being developed.

It’s a small thing we offer to save you time, money, and any unnecessary headaches.

Why should taps have WRAS approval?

When it comes to fitting a water supply to a new home, you must comply with the current water supply regulations. For example, water stored within plumbing systems must not exceed 100°C.

For this reason, our water systems are factory-set to store and supply water at 98°C. We work hard to ensure we comply with water supply regulations, offering users peace of mind when using HydroTap, but also because it makes things much simpler for specifiers.

HydroTap All-In-One Arc in brushed gold, for instance, has WRAS approval, while also acting as a beautiful centre-piece in a kitchen.

How do I know if a tap is WRAS approved?

There are some simple ways to check if an all-in-one tap has WRAS approval. The WRAS website has a supplier directory with a search function to check if a supplier has WRAS approved products.

Often the WRAS logo will be included on packaging, but this is not mandatory. A manufacturer will also be able to tell you which of their products have WRAS approval, so never hesitate to get in touch!

A matt black Zip HydroTap in a white kitchen with marble and wooden self with glasses.

Specifying quality products saves you time – and money – in the long run

Specifying HydroTap demonstrates you care about the finer details of design. And with HydroCare, our range of simple service plans, you’ll save even more time. This means you can get on with what you do best: building homes and futures.

It's another way we provide peace-of-mind to our customers. And it's another perk for your buyer, one that highlights the longevity and quality of our product. Ultimately, the key to thoughtful kitchen design is to work with reputable suppliers and products, and to keep the end-user at the forefront of your mind.

Get in touch for more information about how Zip can help in a new-build project. We'd love to provide a bespoke solution. Discover the HydroTap for home range.


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