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Why a gold kitchen tap is one of the must-have appliances of 2024

A gold kitchen tap, the Zip HydroTap, in a modern, white luxury kitchen

Don’t get us wrong, the kitchen’s always been the heart of the home. But in the last 20 years, the sitting room has dominated public conversations and product catalogues, with kitchen gadgets and appliances falling by the wayside.

Everything was about home cinema and the latest television technology must-haves. Screens seemed to get bigger and bigger every year – more pixels, higher resolutions, wider surround sound.

Kitchens are now at the centre of contemporary interior design - here's why

But the tipping point’s come and gone. Since the pandemic, the kitchen’s made an incredible comeback, quickly becoming the most talked about room in the house. Interior designers, showroom curators, and end users alike are entertaining new ways of creating the perfect luxury kitchen, with special emphasis on more communal and sociable spaces.

In particular, we're seeing more experimenting with a range of mixed metals like copper, bronze, nickel, brass, chrome, and brushed gold. This natural collection of colours adds an extra layer of texture to the kitchen and just the right amount of vintage charm.

For us, though, there's no better way to steal the spotlight and make a statement than with a brushed gold kitchen tap – the ultimate, must-have appliance of 2024.

Why are gold kitchen taps making design waves in 2024?

If you read our last blog, then you’ll know gold's been forecasted as the number one must-have colour for kitchen taps and finishes in 2024. And if you didn’t read our last blog, then now you know.

But don’t just take our word for it. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, which surveyed over 600 industry professionals, gold is set to be the hottest colour for kitchen features, hardware, and appliances this year, outshining matt black, which came second, and replacing blue, which took the top spot last year.

a beautifully designed kitchen with gold accents

Those surveyed agreed gold would take over 2024 kitchen lookbooks thanks to its warming tones and the inviting atmosphere it creates within more minimal modern settings.

Boiling water taps are great – but we can do better

Here at Zip Water, we wholeheartedly agree – but we also think that, if you’re going for gold taps, then why not enjoy the added luxury and convenience of an all-in-one kitchen tap?

You've probably heard of boiling water taps. Turn a lever or touch a button and you're ready to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate. But did you know you can have filtered boiling, sparkling, and chilled water, plus mains hot and cold, from a single kitchen tap... and in gold!

It's a winning combination. Here are three reasons why an all-in-one gold kitchen tap is the must-have kitchen appliance for 2024.

A gold all-in-one tap makes a statement – without saying anything at all

Understated elegance – it's hard to pull off. Nowadays, every brand is competing for your attention with big logos and flashy features. But the best luxury kitchen appliances don't need to shout about it.

Instead, they have a natural kind of opulence, one that's based, no doubt, on superior craftsmanship, sleek designs, and best-in-class performance. And does any other finish convey understated elegance more so than brushed gold?

Long associated with luxury and prestige, gold taps into our social history of choosing certain colours and metal finishes that purposely evoke a sense of grandeur, marking the significance of an object or artefact.

A gold kitchen tap over a kitchen island font in an understated but luxurious kitchen

When you add a gold finish to an all-in-one tap system, offering 5-in-1 functionality for filtered boiling, chilled, and sparkling water, as well as mains hot and cold, then you're making a statement about your kitchen... without saying anything at all.

Even the most mundane daily tasks – making a cup of tea, filling up a water bottle, doing the dishes – become a luxurious experience to enjoy. Not to mention quick and easy.

And because of its eye-catching appeal, a gold kitchen tap is also a brilliant conversation starter. When guests come over for dinner, they'll know you take pride in your kitchen and its significance within your home.

What other kitchen appliances or gadgets can do the same?

When you buy a gold kitchen tap, you know it's never going out of style

Think about it. When has gold ever been out of style? Other colours come and go – we're looking at you, avocado – but gold remains.

It's timeless and appeals across various styles, cultures, and generations: traditional and contemporary, Eastern and Western, young and old. For us, gold's versatility is perhaps its most enduring quality.

A brushed gold Zip tap in a modern, light open-plan room with a complimentary gold kitchen island

Why is this important? First, it protects your investment and saves time. If gold was going to be off-trend this time next year, then that means you're going to be spending more money and more time finding a new on-trend look for your kitchen.

And let's face it, in today's fast-paced world, no one's got time to change their kitchen around just because a particular finish is considered old hat.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, when you purchase timeless kitchen appliances, you're making a more sustainable purchase.

Here at Zip, we're pretty big on sustainability (you can read our Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments here). While a large part of that means reducing our reliance on, say, fossil fuels, it's also vital we're manufacturing a product that stands the test of time.

Made from the highest quality materials available, HydroTap is built to last. So why choose a finish that doesn't?

Purchasing an all-in-one gold tap is an easy way to upgrade your existing kitchen

If you're looking for a simple but effective way to transform your kitchen, then look no further than our range of 5-in-1 gold kitchen taps.

Kitchen renovations take time – from planning and colour matching to delivery and installation – and that prevents you from doing what you love, whether that's learning a new recipe or hosting your local book club.

Cocktail on a kitchen counter, with a gold Zip tap and against a marble white backdrop.

For reasons we've already outlined, gold pops like no other colour – its warming presence does all the talking, and it conjures feelings of prestige, homeliness, and luxury.

When you add a new gold all-in-one tap to your existing kitchen, you're not just changing a tap. You're changing everything – from the way mid-afternoon sun reflects off your sink to the way you cook pasta and make your morning coffee.

With no need for a kettle, you're also saving valuable counter space, creating a clutter-free kitchen and cultivating a stripped-back, minimalist feel. So that's more room to think and more room to drink.

And because gold compliments many other colours, particularly those often used for kitchen cabinetry like black, navy, grey, and sage, you won't need to change your existing kitchen. It's the ideal renovation project.

So when it comes to this year's must-have appliances, we can't think of anything better than an all-in-one gold tap. Indeed, for us, it's become the gold standard of luxury living.


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